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Save The North Pacific Right Whale is dedicated to saving the world’s rarest whale. Thank you for your interest in these awesome creatures. Have a look around, we hope you fall in love with them the same way we have!

I'm a North Pacific Right whale

dating whales

Who are these whales?

B Rone_2009_NOAA_Blips_unknown sex.JPG


Blips has been spotted in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2009, and 2017! Blips got their name because of a game of telephone through the plane radio the whale was sighted from. The researchers on the plane described Blips as “continuous callosity with lips” but it was heard as “velocities with blips.”

Photograph taken by NOAA researcher Brenda Rone, in 2009. Blip’s whale number is NMML 15.

How many are left off of North America?

less than 50


why are they endangered?

historic hunting


what are their current threats?

shipping, entanglement in fishing gear, and climate change


where do north pacific right whales live?

Between Japan, Alaska and Mexico


what do right whales eat?



what does a right whale sound like?

For more calls, check out This NOAA article.

Right Whale Call
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What do I do if I see a north pacific right whale?

Take pictures, record date and position, and email


Our role

Through public action and education we want to increase awareness and support for this endangered whale. If you’re exploring this site and learning about the North Pacific right whale, then we’re one step closer! We will provide a space to engage in conservation efforts, whether that’s school presentations, reaching out to stakeholders or donating to the cause. We’re also here to get everyone as excited about this species as we are.

what you can do

Every person you talk to about these whales is one more person who can make a difference. Endangered species recovery is all about public opinion. Not only do we have to be willing to change our actions to help these whales, but we also need to get that change rolling fast and strong enough to get others on board as well. Want to be an advocate for the North Pacific right whale? Join the Callosity Club!

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