Callosity Club

Because life’s rough if you’re a North Pacific right whale


What is the Callosity Club?

Named for callosities, the rough growth on right whales' heads, the Callosity Club is a way for you to show the world and the whales that you care. It is also a way we fund our critical work.

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Perks: T-Shirt, Sticker and Membership Card

Whale lice


Perks: Hoodie, Sticker and Membership Card

Right whale


Perks: Hoodie, T-Shirt, Stickers, Membership Card and a virtual screening of Right Over the Edge with one of the film crew.


Don’t have money to donate right now, but still want to be part of the club? Create art or an education project incorporating North Pacific right whales and send us the results!

Perks: T-Shirt, Sticker, Membership Card and be featured on our Social Media

Art and Education Projects

An Identity Crisis

by Kate Hruby


Right whale data collected from scientific papers listed here. Sasquatch data from BFRO and available for free through ArcGIS Hub.